Thursday, June 28, 2007

Malaysia, A Country Full of Con Artist and Political Corruption


Inner (Your Un Fren) Sanctum said...

Okay, I'm Gonna Do Something Philanthropic Herein lieu of the inordinate amount of Malaysian scams perpetrated upon foreigners. I have come to figure that these people need a source of legitimate income, a second chance (so to speak) to make something of themselves, therefore (from the kindness of my heart) I am establishing a trust-fund for these wayward, Malay, jungle bunny, Muslim Arab wannabee asshole people.

In order to participate, each Muslim Malay person must send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the birth certificate of their first-born male child, and their choice of celebrity adopted parent. I will then issue a press release, stating that, " ___ ____ (insert name, like Madonna, Clint Eastwood, Shirley Temple, or Simon Cowell" has adopted you, __ __ Osama bin Laden, et al).

I will then send you (the Muslim Malay person) a check for $3000, which is actually $1000 more than I intended to send, so you will deposit the check and then send the unintended $1OOO. back home, to me, your new Fren. I will send you a thank you note upon receipt of your money, absolutely FREE!

Stop Human Trafficking said...

In case anyone saw the TV Special ‘Dateline USA’ Wed August 8, 2007 it was all about Malaysia and how it now ranks at the bottom of the world for Human Trafficking, both males and females. Most are being routed from the Philippines to Penang via Human Traffickers (often Filipino adult woman recruiting young girls in the pretense of playing or performing in a band).
It focused on how doctors connected to the mafia payoff the Penang police to avoid imprisonment. One particular girl was brought to the Penang police station and questioned by a Malay police office in front of the mafia person who held her against her will. As the officer asked her questions, she was told what to say. Eventually the girl was released. Her captors were let to leave and no charges have ever been filed, even though 15 other boys and girls where held against there will by the same people.
In a different incident a Filipino young girl escaped and sought refuge with the Malaysian police only to be returned by Malaysian government immigration officials (all Malays) who get free sex tricks and liquor at local Karaoke clubs where these girls are on public display for the choosing.
Dateline found numerous clubs that offer these services mostly Filipino young woman but many young underage girls are believed to be in Malaysia performing sex acts.
Malaysia has become the new Pedophile and Sex Trade Capital of Asia now that Cambodia is cracking down and arresting both the brothel slave traffickers and the adults who frequent them.

Ya Ya said...

They cheated me several years ago.
I hate Malaysia, I hate Islam. I hate Malays.

Got me for over $30,000 US Dollars.

a disgruntled citizen said...

I see the Idiots just had a national election so they can reinstall the same old non sense and morons to power.

Anonymous said...

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Clay said...

Sounds like the Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Your right and it sounds just like the UK under Labour.

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