Saturday, May 19, 2007

Malaysia: Talk to Me or Else

Malaysia you suck. You stole my money. Your dirty political cronies and hired guns attacked me and my family personally. You have tried everything to shut me up. Be advised to do that you're going to have to kill me, so please come and try. The world will know that Malasyia is a Terrorist State engulfed in racial strife. The ruling UMNO Party wants to silence me and prevent the world from knowing the TRUTH ... Malaysia Sucks ... That MALAYSIA is a Terrorist State.


Asian Babes said...

Don't forget to Blog Me at:

Asian Babes - the post have all ready started.
X-Pats and local Chinese and Indian needed for their stories.
Rumors accepted with a smile.

Piss On You said...

Piss on all of Islam.
Piss on Muslims everywhere.
Encantoman - You were right - - Everyone must run out and PISS on a Muslim Today, They really really like it!
I am going down to the nearest local Mosque in London UK and piss on the door steps now.
How do you like us Brits now Islam?

A Publisher's Review said...

Have you heard a new book about Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the ‘Former’ Prime Minister of Malaysia, written by a people who new him throughout his childhood, has been refused by publishers because it contains too many little dirty secrets that Dr. M. doesn’t want anyone to know.
Here are supposedly some of them:
1) He was a bed wetter until the age of 11
2) He tortured small animals
3) He was known to have sex with Chickens
4) He was an alcoholic in college
5) He gambles
6) His favorite food is fried Pork
7) He likes to eat his own nose boogers
8) He really likes young under age kampung Indian girls
9) His parents caught him several times masturbating while looking at nude women in National Geographic Magazines

Worried Guy said...

Israel warns Washington and Europe that IRAN has not yet crossed the threshold of being able to make nuclear weapons but may be only two years or less away, Israeli Ambassador Sallai M. Meridor said today.
Israel will not permit or tollerate any Arab country in the Middle East to acquire Nuclear Capability let alone nuclear weapons.
If you are NOT worried you damn well ought to be.
Because when the bombs start there will be no time to choose sides and thus WW-3 and the end of the world will be here!
Iran has all ready said it will share this technology with other Muslim countries once it gets the tecnology.
Malaysia has had and continues have close ties with Iran.
Destroy Malaysia now, kill the Muslims before it's too late. Death to all of Islam.
A Civil War in Malaysia by the Non Bumi must take place or at minimum by an external source such as India, Taiwan, or China.

Just Ponder This said...

Malaysia does suck.
It could be a nice place to raise a family and have a good life.
The one thing that ruins it are those stinking Muslims, those Malays are just jungle tribe dressed in western style clothes. Their spear and darts now are Islam.

Terrorist Hunter said...

A Berkeley watchdog organization that tracks military spending said it uncovered a strange U.S. military proposal to create a hormone bomb that could purportedly turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in sex than fighting.

Pentagon officials on Friday confirmed to CBS Channel 5 News that military leaders had considered, and then subsquently rejected, building the so-called "Gay Bomb."

This poster doesn't think so. This is well under development and probably will be tested on some Islamic group or country, possibly Iran in the very near future. Personally any Islamic country will do, including the shit-hole called Malaysia

Frick-n-Frack said...

Christianity vs. Islam: Mutually Assured Spiritual Destruction:
Islam often sees its attempts to "pray" the world into submission returned in the form of chaos generated by the actions of Christian nations, who themselves believe "god" wishes them to pray against muslims while killing them. Christians in turn see their own bad energy returned to them in the form of blowback by who? Muslims.
These two religions began their cycle of mutual self destruction in the middle ages and until they stop using "black magic" (defined as spiritual power directed at others) they will always suffer greater and greater misery being returned upon them. Just what happens when you bounce the law of three back and forth across a legion of followers several times a century for a thousand years, hmmmmm?

Sam King said...

Why Malaysia Sucks:
1) Instituionalized discrimination: Except Malays, other races are second class citizens and are discriminated against in education, business, government project contract opportunitiies. To discriminate other races in favor of Malays, the government lowers the entry standard for Malays and produced a bunch of unemployable generation in recent years. Bright students of other races were barred from the doors of universities or their desired majors.

2) Politicians are corrupt: Indeed this is true. While corruption in Malaysia is not as rampant as its brotherly nation Indonesia, they are like brothers from the same parents: corrpution just flow in their blood. Politicians of these countries don't want to step down because they can amass so much wealth. Look at the incredible corrupt ploiticians like Dr Mahathir, Samy Velu, Taib Mahmut.

There are more evidence... These are just a start.

The Rumor Mill said...

It is rumored that the Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz was caught on hidden videotape wearing a strap-on dildo and having sex with a chicken.
More Rumors later.

Tour Guide said...

Dear Malaysian Monkey, Give Yourself a Baboon Butt Scratch.
And get with the program or move to Seizure World.
The UMNO make noise, so deal with it (and give them some tootsie rolls with Prozac hidden inside).
Sheesh, do I have to tell you people everything?

Speaking Out said...

I am a Malaysian I am also an Indian Muslim.
There are many Muslims who don’t want to be Muslim and think Islam is a farce. I would come forward and denounce this hideous religion, but by law in Malaysia I am forbidden to do so. If I were to denounce Islam I would be put in a detention center for 6-months to 5-years where daily beatings would be commonplace. Further when let out I would not be able to get a job and would have to rely on others to support me.
My father married a Malay Muslim girl and thus was forced to become a Muslim. I was born into Islam. I am dating a Tamil girl that I like very much but she has made it clear she will never convert to Islam. Being a Muslim is preventing me from being happy. I never go to a Mosque and I do not wear any traditional Islamic clothing. My parents are not true Muslims either they haven’t been to a Mosque in years.
I know other young Muslims both Indian and Malay that would like to denounce their religion, not so much as converting to another just not having any religion or being more inner spiritual. They like myself are afraid and with due cause and concern we would become outcasts of society in Malaysia and our parents would disown us. I am trapped in a racist intolerant Islamic society full of antiquated religious politically motivated old shits. Things here are getting worse not better. The government puts up a very good front to the outside world but controls both the domestic and foreign press and media.

logical guy said...

The Official Position of the Malaysian Government on everything is ...
Boo hoo...sniffle sniffle! How dare you criticize me!

Stomp-1-4-Me said...

How 2 describe an UMNO Politician:
Anal Huskers
Monkey Masturbators
Limp Lizard Wannabees
Pork Rhine Eaters
Tooter Trappers
Elephant Anus Lickers
Public Flatulence Sniffers