Saturday, June 16, 2007

Malaysia You Suck


Festus Hagan said...

Rafidah Aziz is a fat cow who’s time has seriously come and gone. She is an ignorant malcontent, a total abomination of human kind, and a perfect example of why Islam should be wiped from the face of the earth. Rafidah Aziz is a poster child for why Malaysia Sucks and why Malaysia needs a Civil War to get rid of UMNO and Islam forever.

Amber the American Bitch said...

Motorola Sucks.
Malaysia Sucks
Islam Sucks.
Malaysia you are a Terrorist State.

Boycott Malaysian Goods.
Boycott Motorola Products.

Woowickerwacker said...

Great Blog. Sorry to hear your websites were taken down. Malaysia and all of Islam are cowards at heart. Suicide bombing is all they know. Lets get those terrorist Muslim scum.
Also shows Islam has no frikking sense of humor those sites had great stuff and funny cartoons. I think I will send your Blogs to those fatwa websites and hopefully they will heart attack themselves.
I support your, Malaysia Sucks, I agree it is a terrorist state.
ciao baby

The Wookie Kills said...

Jack (Encantoman) I am also sorry to hear your websites were taken down by these Malaysian Muslim scum.
They steal your money and repay you by screwing you over even more. I would like to meet one of these asshole UMNO cowards. I kcik the shit out of them.

I have been to Malaysia as a tourist in the eraly 90's. The country is polluted, filthy dirty, Muslims everywhere, traffic is a nightmare, and that piece of shit they call an airline (MAS) sucks.
To Malaysia - You Suck.
Kiss my butt thole.

Tommy said...

I have a couple of posts on my blog how Malaysia sucks! I didn't realize there were so many other people who felt the same way as I do!