Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Civil War or Political War - What Will It Be?


The X-Marine said...

I was stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur (KL) for 13 months, and frankly I don’t know what has prevented a Civil War up to now. How the U.S. Government can support this shit-hole Islamic Govt of Malaysia baffles me. That coupled with the absolute idiot U.S. and other foreign companies that have factories and offices here boggles the mind. I always dreaded some uprising where the Marines had to rescue Americans and other foreigners all over the country. I still don’t understand why the Chinese put up with these ignorant ass Malays.
There were quite a few demonstration and protest, some violent in front of the embassy. Once the U.S. Ambassador got some balls (most do not have any) and raised some Hell with Malaysian Govt the police moved them down the road but never really disbursed them. They would carry signs like Death to America, and other useless bullshit. Muslims are friggin nitwits and are easily led around like cattle.
But if they ever came through that gate I would have killed them like sheep going to the slaughter, they could have court martial me later, but I made up my mind I would never be a hostage like the Iran situation. Back then that was caused by a gutless U.S. Ambassador.
These politicians would sell America out in a New York Minute.

XXXXXX a.k.a. Faaris said...

Concerning a Civil War brewing in Malaysia, would first require the government that really means UMNO, to take its head out of its ass long enough to acknowledge there is a problem. That is not going to happen until the violence, death, and destruction starts – oops then it’s too damn late you idiots.

The Rumor Mill said...

Rumors are that Badwai, now remarried is having an affair with his maid.
Also he told TV reporters that he refuses to accept the idea that a Civil War is possible in his country. That for the exception for a few malcontents everything is fine, it’s just business as usual.

Reporters Note: But then You Cant Fix Stupid

Ronnie Runs 1000 said...

Just remember when you Non Muslims get started on kicking all the Muslim asses (serious civil war) you must start at the mosques. These damn muslims hide their plans, weapons, explosives and terrorist training manuals in the Mosque. Blow them up first.
Next kill all the clerics and imam.
Then go after the Muslim politicians and their familes, kill them all.
That will take the fight out of the others.

Good luck in your upcoming Civil War, Good Hunting, Good Killing, and Good Victory.

Death to Islam everywhere.

Death By Me said...

Malaysia's Muslims must die.
Islam is evil.
Islam must be destroyed.
The world's problems can all be either directly or indirectly be associated with Islam.
I support the NON Muslims in their efforts to create a Civil War and prevent Malaysia from becoming an All Islamic State.
Kill them all now while you can.

Ya Ya said...

It's a shame the Chinese chicken shits backed out, it would've been glorious.
Death to Islam.
I hope all Malays rot in hell.

a disappointed singaporean said...

Well the Chinese and Indians had their opportunity and failed. The Malays are all useless Muslims and will take the country deeper and deeper into Islamic religious non-sense.